CBD and it’s benefits for your dog

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CBD and it’s benefits for your dog


Recent studies suggest that CBD can be very useful and beneficial for animals.  And in particular, for dogs.

We at cbdstore.co.za have already written about the benefits of CBD when it comes to looking after your animal’s wellbeing.  Today however, we will be focusing specifically on dogs – as more and more research comes to light on the compounds particular benefits for man’s best friend.

Here we’ll break down some of the most popular uses for CBD when it comes to treating your dog.  Initial evidence shows that CBD doesn’t appear to have any negative interactions when given to a dog that’s on an anti-inflammatory drug, but because there is a potential risk of a drug interaction, as always, we would recommend speaking to your veterinarian beforehand.


This seems to be the number one condition that leads people to CBD when searching for an answer on how to treat their dog’s anxiety. Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress and, just like humans, dogs display particular behaviors and ways when they are anxious.  Cannabis oil interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system and is known to be able to relieve the symptoms of anxiety in humans and dogs, by stimulating the production of serotonin.


Especially in older dogs, joint inflammation and or some form of arthritis is sadly relatively common.  The good news is that research shows CBD can provide substantial pain relief in dogs with arthritis when administered at the correct dosage.  Read that specific study here.  


A sensitive and much debated topic is using cannabis oil as a treatment, or rather a symptom reliever, when cancer has struck our furry friends.  While the general consensus is that CBD will not treat the cancer, or stop the cancerous cells from growing, it does appear to be excellent at dealing with the side effects associated with cancer or after undergoing cancer treatment. The anti-nausea effects of CBD in people who have undergone chemotherapy are well known, and this study suggests that CBD has the same properties when it comes to rats and ferrets – so why not dogs?    


Arguably the most studied condition when it comes to CBD and humans, those same studies are still in their relative infancy when it comes to dogs.  We know however that CBD has anticonvulsant (medications used to control and prevent seizures) properties, and there is a study suggesting that cannabis oil can play a role in decreasing the symptoms of epilepsy as well as the frequency of seizures in dogs. 


Another condition that sadly affects many dogs is certain skin allergies.  Whether it’s pollen, pests, hygiene, fur or simply genetics, skin allergies can be hard to get under control, and will drive your dog crazy at the same time.  With it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, this study suggests that cannabis oil reduces skin inflammation, whilst this study states that CBD can help to regulate the health of skin.

Our online shop provides South Africans with a selection of premium, all-natural CBD products for pets that are below the legal THC threshold (i.e. the animal will not experience any psychoactive properties). If you and your veterinarian decide that this is a viable option for your pet, then it’s important to buy only the highest-quality options with transparent and accurate ingredient indications. At CBDstore.co.za, we never stock products that could include toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals.

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