Cibdol 2.0

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Why CBD Oil 2.0 goes beyond effective

Loaded with essential cannabinoids


Cibdol have harnessed a full complement of non-toxic cannabinoids from several varieties of naturally grown hemp and expertly blended them with golden-grade CBD.


Our state-of-the-art laboratory ensures every batch of CBD Oil 2.0 is the purest and most consistent available, while being entirely free of THC.


By using substantial levels of less-abundant essential cannabinoids alongside CBD, Cibdol captured the full wellness potential of hemp for a profound experience in every drop.

Unmatched on the market, CBD Oil 2.0 unlocks a vastly improved wellness experience with the power of cannabinoids and the entourage effect.


CBD Oil 2.0 vs Regular market CBD oil

Realising the true potential of the entourage effect

The entourage effect is a highly impactful phenomenon that improves the influence of all cannabinoids, but only when they exist together. This natural synergy is a powerful and essential tool for supporting wellness.

Until now, the ratio of additional cannabinoids varied from one batch to the next. With CBD Oil 2.0, Cibdol unlocked the full potential of the entourage effect by increasing the levels of these essential cannabinoids to work alongside CBD.

The first of its kind in Europe

Choose the CBD oil formula that works best for YOU—no variables, no uncertainty.

CBD Oil 2.0 solidifies Cibdol’s position as the leading provider of CBD oils. Our passion for a wholesome, balanced life and complete dedication to the power of nature mean no other CBD oil comes close to our enhanced formula.

Choose only the
best for your body



The heart of our golden-grade oils—highly purified and 100% natural


A non-intoxicating compound with a soothing influence on well-being


A cannabinoid that synergises perfectly with its fellow compounds


A minor cannabinoid with enormous potential for mind and body

Cannabidiolic acid

Chemically similar to CBD, this raw cannabinoid is also non-intoxicating

Maximise the entourage effect

Choose the most effective option
for your body

Backed by industry-leading standards

This isn’t just our most advanced CBD oil formula—it’s the entire industry’s! Every step taken, from sourcing naturally grown hemp varieties to sophisticated extraction, is a step above regular market CBD oil.

Multiple extracts from naturally grown hemp varieties

Sophisticated in-house CO₂ extraction

Partnered laboratory for independent analysis

A full complement of essential cannabinoids

Complete control over cannabinoid levels (2.0)

Certificate of quality with every order

Quality that you can depend on

New Formula, same quality…

Cibdol prides itself on quality assurance and product safety, consistently going above and beyond the industry standard. Our CBD Oil 2.0 formula is no different. Even with higher levels of essential cannabinoids, all products are independently tested and analysed for total peace of mind.

Enjoy the incredible potential of CBD and its fellow cannabinoids the way they should be enjoyed—with peace of mind, and without unwanted side effects.