Common reasons why cannabis oil isn’t working

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Common reasons why cannabis oil isn’t working

Common reasons why cannabis oil isn’t working

As with most supplements, CBD may take awhile before you experience the full benefits of the compound.


The number one factor that leads people to believe that their cannabis oil isn’t working is taking the incorrect dose.  It’s an easy mistake to make, as we all have unique endocannabinoid systems that respond differently.  The dosing range of CBD is also wide, and one person may require double what someone else does to feel the same effects.  It is always recommended to start off with smaller doses and then increase if need be. For further information on dosages please see the following link:

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A big misconception regarding CBD products is that, if they don’t work straight away, they don’t work at all.  CBD is attempting to heal your body naturally and this generally takes time.  Many first time users are often disappointed when they don’t experience the full benefits of their cannabis oil straight away, but it’s vital to give the compound time in your system.  A helpful tip is to keep a CBD journal, tracking your dosage and whether or not you experience different effects.  


It goes without saying that your CBD products need to be of high quality, but the type and concentration of your cannabis oil is also important.  There are over 100 different cannabinoids found in cannabis, so one needs to do their research before purchasing CBD products.  Luckily our online shop provides South Africans with a selection of consistently high-quality, natural CBD. All of our CBD products contain little to no THC (this means you won’t experience any psychoactive properties). 


It is possible that your consumption method of CBD is simply not providing you with the full benefits.  As an example, edibles will need to go through the digestive system before your body absorbs them.  This can often cause a decrease in the amount of active CBD ending up in your system.  Cannabis oil, on the other hand, absorbs directly into your bloodstream.  It’s important to know what type of relief you’re after before choosing your CBD products.

Reaping the full benefits from your CBD products will take time as well as a bit of research.  One must also remember that, as a supplement, CBD is meant for just that.  To supplement an already healthy and balanced lifestyle.  It cannot cure a bad diet, lack of exercise or lack of sleep.  Take the time to research and keep a journal of your progress.

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