How much CBD should I vape?    

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How much CBD should I vape?    

How much CBD should I vape?     

Vaping CBD is becoming more and more popular amongst CBD users, offering a healthier alternative to smoking and a quick onset of beneficial effects.

According to Dr. Adie Rae, a neuroscientist at the Legacy Research Institute in Oregon, “Vaping CBD is a better choice than eating/swallowing it because the lungs are far more efficient at getting CBD into the bloodstream. The bioavailability of CBD is greater through the lungs than through the gut. Specifically, about half of the CBD you inhale makes it into the blood, but only 5% of the CBD you eat gets into your blood.” – Source:

That’s not to say however, that vaping CBD has no downsides. Whilst it does allow the CBD to enter your bloodstream extremely quickly, it also has a shorter lasting effect than edibles for example. It’s been estimated that the effects of CBD inhalation will last, on average, two to four hours, whilst the effects of an edible could last anywhere between eight to twelve hours.

Factors to consider when asking how much CBD you should vape:


As mentioned, the bioavailability when it comes to vaping CBD is the highest of all consumption methods. Because of this, you will be able to take a smaller dose as opposed to say capsules or tinctures.


CBD vape oils and E-liquids will vary when it comes to their concentrations. For example, our 30ml Koi vape juice ( comes in 100mg, 250mg and 500mg strengths. Higher concentrations obviously require smaller doses and vice versa.


More than anything, you determine what dose works best for you. Different body weights and heights will require different dosages to achieve the optimum effects. Frequent users tend to vape lower concentrations of CBD when compared to users who only vape occasionally. 

When it comes to correct dosage and vaping of CBD, it can get a little tricky. Again, because everybody is different, everybody will have a different vaping style. Some people will take small hits while others will take big, and some users may inhale directly into the lungs as opposed to taking mouth to lung puffs. Read up on the differences between mouth to lung and direct to lung.

Luckily though, working out how much CBD you’re vaping is not that difficult. In a 30ml bottle infused with 100mg of CBD, one milliliter of oil delivers approximately 3.33mg of CBD. Change the milligram to 1000 instead of 100, and one milliliter delivers approximately 33.33mg of CBD and so on. Depending on the size of your tank or pod, you’ll easily be able to work out how much CBD is in each serving. For further reading on dosage, check our article on how much CBD one should take.

It’s important to point out that vaping CBD, or vaping anything for that matter, does come with real health risks associated with it. Lung depreciation and an increased risk of cancer are always a possibility. Moderation is key when it comes to vaping and, because of its high bioavailability factor, less is truly more in this regard. We at are also proud to offer disposable vape pens for a simpler, more convenient and cheaper vaping option.