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Storing your CBD products correctly is essential for maintaining purity, consistency and longevity.

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The Reasoning

All natural products degenerate over time, and CBD is no different.  Correctly storing your CBD will preserve its potency and save you money in the long run…

As far as cannabis oil is concerned, light, heat and air are the enemies.  All of these elements will accelerate the speed at which your oil will degenerate.  It’s therefore vital to know the correct storing methods in order to preserve your oils longevity.

You want to be thinking dark, dry and cool.  Many people opt for a cupboard in their kitchen pantry.  This is a good storage method as long as the cupboard is free from light and heat.  It’s also important, if choosing this method, to make sure the cupboard is nowhere near appliances that emanate heat.

Another popular storage method is simply in the fridge.  The fridge ticks all the boxes needed to protect the lifespan of your CBD products.  Whether it be oils, edibles, topicals or supplements, the fridge is the ideal place for storage.  Given South Africa’s climate and the heat that we experience, storing your cannabis oil in the fridge is highly recommended. It is fair to say that any oil stored in the fridge will extend its shelf life and maintain its potency over time.

As a general recommendation, one should always keep their cannabis oil and other CBD products in their original packaging, unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer.  Almost all products will come in some form of airtight container, specifically designed to prolong the life of their contents.  

It’s been widely reported that properly stored CBD has a shelf life of 1-2 years.  At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the full benefits out of the product.  

In Summary:

  • Avoid heat
  • Avoid light
  • Avoid oxygen
  • Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations 
  • Always properly close the lid after use

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