The importance of journaling

We know that every individual’s endocannabinoid system is different, and therefore each person will respond uniquely to cannabis oil. We find that keeping a journal can be extremely useful in your CBD journey.  

Put simply, journaling is a written record of our thoughts, insights, fears, feelings, and so on. It’s a way to track everyday life and to “bring to life” whatever it is that we are holding onto inside. 

A plethora of studies have concluded that journaling has the ability to help one reduce stress, manage anxiety, cope with depression, prioritize fears and problems, identify negative thoughts and behavior, along with a host of other positive aspects.

Journaling can also be extremely useful when it comes to tracking your CBD journey. Because individualized dosing when it comes to CBD is not an exact science, and each person will respond differently, it’s a good idea to keep a journal of your experience.

Journaling allows you to keep track of specific patterns, improvements, declines, and changes over time, and this is vital in your CBD journey. 

Follow these helpful tips if you’re keen to try out journaling:

  • Try to write every day

This may sound like a tough one, but it’s important to try and set aside time, even if it’s a few minutes each day, to write in your journal. Consistency is key. Find what time of the day works best for you, and when you feel most comfortable and at ease to write.

  • Keep it simple

There’s no need to go out and buy an expensive journal and a fancy pen. Just make sure your pen and paper are always close by and accessible, so when the feeling hits, you can quickly write down whatever it is that you want. Some people like journaling on their smartphones, and this is also an option.

  • Write what feels right

The beauty of journaling is that you really cannot “do it wrong”. It’s your own private space to discuss, explore, feel, and keep track of whatever is going on in your life. Let it flow and don’t worry about things like punctuation or spelling errors.

Keeping a journal will help you create some sense of order and control when your world feels a little bit messy. In terms of documenting your CBD journey, this can only be beneficial to you. You will see what dosage works best, what products work best, if taking CBD at different times of the day has different effects, and so on and so forth.

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