0% THC CBD Oil

0% THC CBD Oil

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fourfivecbd created this oil due to demand from fellow pro athletes. They’ve seen the benefits of taking CBD, but understandably, athletes are concerned with the source of their CBD and whether it could cause them to fail a drug test. Now, professional athletes subject to drug testing can enjoy the benefits that CBD can offer.

As always, this quick-absorbing CBD oils are made with 100% natural ingredients. The process of CO2 extraction means the highest available nutritional value is packed in to every drop of fourfivecbd oil. Each 30ml bottle contains around 240 sprays. Designed to help you support and maintain an active lifestyle. Each bottle contains 2 months supply of CBD

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*Only a few Units left in stock. Item to be discontinued due to new SA regulations.

4 in stock

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fourfivecbd created the 0% THC CBD oil as a direct response to the demand from their fellow professional athletes. Many athletes have seen the benefits of taking CBD, but, are concerned about where their CBD comes from and whether it might contain banned substances. When they first took CBD, the market was very irregular and we were concerned that the supplements they were taking might have an unintended, negative effect on their careers.

The broad-spectrum 0% THC CBD oil, unlike most CBD oils, contains multiple cannabinoids with no THC. So, it’s ideal for drug tested professionals, like athletes and military personnel looking to enjoy the entourage effects CBD oils can provide. The 0% THC CBD oil has been third party lab tested to provide our customers with a high level of assurance.

Over 400 other pro athletes use this 0% THC oil to help maintain healthy and active lifestyles.

How to use?

fourfivecbd recommend starting with 1 spray 3 times a day of our 1000mg CBD oil. It’s recommend that you simply spray the CBD oil under your tongue. This achieves the best possible absorption rates and bio-availability.

We also strongly advise that you do not exceed 20mg over the period of a day.

The ingredients in our CBD oil:

  • Broad-spectrum cannabis extract
  • Medium chain triglyceride oil



1000mg of CBD




Broad-spectrum cannabis extract , Medium chain triglyceride oil


1 spray 3 times a day of 1000mg cbd oil

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