Does CBD Expire?

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Does CBD Expire?


The simple answer is yes, your CBD oil will eventually expire and the quality and potency of your CBD will decline over time.

The longer you have a CBD product that has been opened, the less potent it will become over time.  A general rule of thumb is that most CBD oil has a shelf life of around 14 months to two years.  It’s vital that one makes use of a good storage system to prolong the lifespan of your CBD products for as long as possible.

CBD tinctures, or oils, can expire depending on a couple of factors.  Firstly, and most obviously, the length of time you’ve had your CBD oil for.  Secondly, the quality of the extract and lastly, your method of storage.

To prolong the life of your CBD tinctures, it is highly recommended that you store them in a dark, cool place and avoid any form of heat.  Check out our article on the best methods of storing your CBD.

When it comes to CBD topicals, identifying if your product has expired or decreased in quality is a little easier.  Topicals will generally dry out over time and the average shelf life of CBD topicals is usually around one year.  Again, this can be extended if stored correctly, if the quality of your topical is of a high standard, and if you follow the label instructions correctly.

CBD edibles are obviously the easiest of products to identify whether or not they have expired.  You will be able to taste straight away whether your edibles are stale or fresh.  Another factor to look at is the colour of your product.  For example, if you have purchased CBD gummies, they will be bright in colour.  Over time, their colour will fade and, while not dangerous to consume, may not produce the desired therapeutic results that you are looking for.

Factors that will contribute to the shelf life of your CBD products:

  • Storage – As we’ve mentioned before, storing your CBD products correctly is vital to maintaining their potency and quality.
  • Packaging – High quality CBD oils are specifically packaged in dark-coloured, airtight glass containers.  It is generally not recommended to swap the product out from its original packaging.
  • Quality – Like all things in life, you get what you pay for.  Higher quality CBD products have shown to have a longer shelf life than products of lower quality.
  • Extraction Process – Manufacturers of CBD oil will use a variety of extraction methods and each one can result in an extension or decrease of the product’s shelf life.  Carbon dioxide extraction is the gold standard and will offer the longest shelf life for your CBD.

Choosing products of high quality and making sure you store them correctly will ensure that the potency and quality of your products lasts as long as possible.  Even if you are not a frequent user, if you’ve followed all the necessary guidelines it’s unlikely that your CBD will expire.  

Always look out for the manufacturer’s expiry date on any product you purchase from our store.  Should you receive an expired product from our store, please place it back in its packaging and contact our support team.  We guarantee to send a replacement product ASAP.

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